Digital Printing

While the world is wheeling under the digital wave, digital printing has risen to another level with its on-demand printing, short turnaround time and larger print runs. We churn out quality creations of Banners, Hoardings, Standees and Backdrops for our clients from time to time.Thanks to continuous innovations, digital printing is becoming more cost-effective each day. Many offset printers are investing in at least one digital printer or press to improve their output and cut unit costs.

Smithers Pira believes that the digital printing market will be worth a whopping 188 billion USD by 2018, accounting for almost half of the offset sector. This means that in terms of value, digital’s share of the offset market will be nearly 50 percent. A huge difference compared to 2008 when the digital share was less than 18.5 percent.

The digital print volume is forecast to grow by 68.1% worldwide. Digital print can be produced quickly, with no time in plate making, reducing the turnaround time of jobs. Primary research conducted highlights the continuing demands of buyers for lower run lengths and faster turnaround, and the use of versioning and personalization is continuing. Digital printing trends, gives you the opportunity to be at the forefront of the industry and ahead of the competition.