The corporate world is always in action and so are we. We understand the importance for a brand to be seen and heard in the right places at the right time. We continue to offer our services to organize well planned Exhibitions, Trade shows, Franchise meets, Art exhibitions, Business networking meets, etc. and keep the annual corporate calendar buzzing with frenzy.

Globally, Exhibitions are respected and treated as an Industry. They are effective catalyst of growth of a nation’s economy. Germany leads the Exhibition space with almost 60 percent of their national business generated through Exhibitions.

It may be worth noting that globally the size of Exhibitions/Trade Shows industry is 55 billion USD with over 31,000 major trade shows and exhibitions taking place every year. Whereas in India, it is estimated at Rs. 65,000 crore with over 700 major Trade Shows taking place every year with growth rate of 12 percent per annum.

Exhibitions are the most definitive form of advertising medium, offering companies invest in a direct engagement with customers, face to face interactions with industry peers, ‘touch and feel’ experience of products, display of competing brands under one roof, leading to business enhancement.

For marketing, branding and communication professionals, Exhibitions are one of the most traditional forms of marketing that still excels. Today certain companies spend around 20 percent of their marketing budget on Exhibitions and Trade Shows.